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we are living longer.

The earlier you consider long-term care coverage, the cheaper it will be.

What if

You become disabled and unable to work?

What would you and your family do for income?

Are you ready for retirement?

Preparing for your future is vital.

Most people have not sufficiently saved or planned for their lives in retirement.


With Americans living longer, and fewer employers offering pension plans, annuities have become increasingly popular. An annuity can be a great investment for your future.

Life Insurance

Financial goals may include both saving for retirement and saving for a specific purpose. Some investments can be long-term. Others perhaps need to be more liquid.


Financial goals may include both saving for retirement and saving for a specific purpose. Some investments can be long-term. Others perhaps need to be more liquid.

Specialty Insurance

Whether your employer gives you a choice of plans or you need to purchase your own coverage, it is crucial that you understand your health insurance choices.


When a teenager gets a license, it’s probably the first time he or she focuses on insurance.   And as young people graduate from high school and head off to college or enter the working world, there are lots of insurance matters for young people out on their own for the first time to think about.


Life insurance protects a family’s way of life.   As students approach college, not only are families focused on how to pay for it, they should also be thinking of how to keep things on track if tragedy strikes.   Life insurance, whether whole life or term, is one way to ensure that resources will be there for your student to finish college if something happens to one of the family breadwinners.   At a minimum, families should think about a limited policy that would cover burial expenses if a child is killed in an accident.


In most cases, a full-time student will be covered in the family’s health plan until he or she graduates from college, or remains a full-time student up to 23 years of age.   However, if the parents belong to a closed-network HMO that doesn’t provide non-emergency coverage in the school’s area, a separate policy for the student should be considered.   Most colleges have a clinic on campus and may offer supplemental insurance as well.   If a child gets sick and has to temporarily drop out, parents might want to consider having tuition insurance.   Otherwise, even though the child has left school, the family may be on the hook for the tuition.  


Disability coverage provides for lost wages in the event you are injured and unable to work.   Most part-time jobs do not include such benefits, so disability insurance is unlikely to be provided by employers to students who work while going to school.   For parents who are paying for their children’s college education, disability insurance would ensure that resources are there should the primary wage earner become disabled and be unable to work.

Long-Term Care

The younger and healthier one is, the less paid for insurance.   But long-term care insurance is generally not an insurance priority for a young student unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Financial Planning

Helping your student establish a solid financial foundation -- managing student loans, credit cards and day-to-day finances -- will help them in many ways, including getting insurance at the best possible rate.   In many states, insurers use information from credit reports, along with other underwriting factors, to help determine who qualifies for insurance and what they pay.   As a result, it’s important to avoid graduating from college and burdened by consumer debt in addition to student loans.   Establishing a budget is a good first step.   Parents may want to set up a debit card account for their student.   Cash can be added conveniently to the account when needed, and expenses can be reasonably monitored.  

retirement planning

Retirement Planning

By the time you retire, your accumulated wealth is probably at its height. The challenge now is to manage your assets so that they last as long as you do. Insurance still plays an important role at this stage of your life.

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financial planning

Financial Planning

Establishing a solid financial foundation should be a priority, including insurance in the mix. It’s important to understand what affects the cost and availability of insurance.

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College Funding

A major issue for families with children is how to best prepare to send the kids to college. The cost of tuition and room and board for four years now approaches $40,000 for public universities and exceeds $73,000 for private schools.

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domestic partners

Domestic Partners

It makes sense to consult with a financial advisor who is experienced in domestic partnerships.  Most individual retirement accounts require you to specify a beneficiary.  The last thing you want is a family feud over your estate after you are gone.

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employment change

Employment Change

Many people obtain certain kinds of insurance through their employment, particularly health and disability coverage. Larger businesses may also offer retirement benefits, such as a 401(k) account. When changing jobs, rearranging coverage and finding out which accounts are portable becomes very important.

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