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  • Major Medical, International Major Medical Plan, Foreign Nationals, Travelers, Business visitors, Government employees, Students, Missionaries, Worldwide Major Medical Plan, international citizen, international major medical plan, Bridge Plan, Group International Major Medical, Excess Major MedicalMajor Medical

    Designed for U.S. Nationals outside the U.S.A.
  • The International Major Medical Plan

    Designed for Foreign Nationals traveling to the USA.
    Any foreign national inbound to the United States are prospects for this plan of insurance. Friends, family and business associates visiting the United States are well advised to secure coverage which will cover them for the high costs of health care associated with treatment in the United States.

    Countries with socialized health care do not always reciprocate with the United States.

    Perfect for:
    • Travelers
    • Business visitors
    • Government employees
    • Students
    • Missionaries
  • Worldwide Major Medical Plan

    Designed for the international citizen
    A unique international major medical plan designed specifically for the United States citizen who works or resides outside of the United States, permanently or for extended periods of time. It will provide treatment anywhere in the world, even back home in the United States. This plan truly serves the needs of the global citizen.
  • The Bridge Plan

    Designed for senior age people waiting for Medicare eligibility
    America continues to be the bouillabaisse of the world. The need for proper medical coverage becomes more and more important as America receives thousands of immigrants a year, many of whom are too old for individual coverage and, due to residency status, are not eligible for Medicare. Bridging this gap is The Bridge Plan. It is affordable, effective and necessary for your senior, new U.S. resident citizens.

    Perfect for:
    • New U.S. residents awaiting Medicare eligibility
    • U.S. citizens awaiting Medicare eligibility
    • U.S. Citizens without Medicare Part A or Part B
  • Group International Major Medical

    Designed for groups either inbound or outbound
    This plan of insurance offers flexibility in design for groups in need of international medical insurance. With a minimum group size of 3 it is ideal for business or educational pursuits. A group of foreign nationals visiting the United States for business training, community cultural exchanges, missionary groups, or exchange students are all excellent prospects. Any cluster of people with a common travel plan are considered prospects for Group International Major Medical.
  • Excess Major Medical

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