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Spirit Dental and Vision Networks

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The Spirit Dental Indemnity plan allows you to go to any dentist, however you can save by participating in the Spirit Network dental plan if available in your area.

MaxCare Network

The Maximum Care Network consists of over 200,000 credentialed dental access points contracted to provide dental services at reduced rates nationwide. In addition to paying lower monthly premiums, the MaxCare network can help reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Network dentists have agreed to accept a set contracted amount for each service rendered as the basis for payment under the Spirit Dental Plan. This amount is typically significantly less than the amount which could be charged by an out-of-network dentist. These network dentists are prohibited (by contract with the network) from charging you the difference between their typical fee and the amount negotiated with the network. Members are able take advantage of savings offered by leaders in the dental care industry. Using the network results in average aggregate discounts of 5% to 50%.

Click here to access the MaxCare Network to find participating dentists in your area.

Spirit EyeMed Vision Care Insurance*

Spirit Dental & Vision’s vision plan is available through the EyeMed Vision Care Network. EyeMed is a leading vision benefits company, offering the following features:

  • Savings on eye care and eyewear
  • Quality standards for care and materials
  • Access to thousands of providers nationwide, including the nation’s top optical retail brands
  • Eye Exam $10 Copay (Once every 12 months.)
  • Eye Glasses/Lenses $20 Copay (Once every 24 months)
  • Frames $0 Copay (Once every 24 months)
  • Contact Lenses (Once every 24 months) (Instead of lenses and frame)
  • Contact lens wearers will pay up to $55 for standard contact lens exam, including fit and follow-up, or receive 10% off retail price for premium contact lens exam, fit and follow-up.

Members can locate a provider by going to Once enrolled members can use the secure site or choose Access from the locator drop down box to find an EyeMed provider.

*The EyeMed vision plan is not available in all states or with all Spirit Dental plans. The vision benefit is optional to purchase at an additional cost and terminates with the dental policy to which it is attached.